How To Handle Hazardous Waste

How To Handle Hazardous Waste

Posted by on Apr 25, 2018 in Demolition

When it comes to demolishing your home, you will be surprised to find that you could be facing a host of hazardous materials and waste, which could be dangerous for your health. So what do you when it comes to handling hazardous waste and materials? Does it cost extra or is it part of the cost of house demolition? We have the three steps for you below:

Step 1: Identifying the hazardous waste

One of the hardest parts when it comes to dealing with hazardous waste is the fact that it is very difficult to identify what they are. For many people, they don’t know what constitutes ‘hazardous’ when it comes to a demolition, renovation or expansion job. The list is so extensive that it might take several blogs to go through each of them, especially those materials that are rare and don’t pop up often during these processes. So to make things easier, we got three of the most common materials that you’ll come across:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead Paint
  • Mercury build-up (found in switches and thermostats)

As we said, the list does not end here, so it’s always a good idea to have an expert’s opinion on this subject, such as the experts at Melbourne District Demolition.

Step 2: What to do with hazardous waste in Melbourne

So now we get to the second step: what do you do when it comes to dealing with the hazardous waste? There are two ways to go abo ut it:

  1. You do it yourself. There are plenty of dangers though as you will be exposing yourself to a range of fumes and chemicals. Plus you have to take it a landfill that will properly dispose of that waste – a regular landfill won’t take it. The benefit of all this is that you might save money, but risk your life in the process.
  2. The best way to safely deal with hazardous waste in Melbourne is to hire a professional company to get rid of it. They have all the experience when it comes to handling the material as well as the contacts so that it is safely disposed of. They will also ensure that you do not get exposed during this process, thereby guaranteeing you another level of safety that you can’t provide yourself.

Step 3: Finding a professional to help you 

We are going to make it easier for you by providing you with a name of our local experts. This type of service can be done with excellence by Melbourne District Demolition. With years of experience in demolishing and safely removing hazardous waste (including exclusive asbestos removal services in Melbourne), they can help you in more ways than you know. You can reach out and speak to them so you can get the full package!